ATRON starts cooperation with Infospread in Sweden

Jönköping / Markt Schwaben, October 2019. ATRON and the Swedish company Infospread AB starts the cooperation in the area of ticketing with mobile phones.

The Swedish company Infospread has been successfully using a ticketing app covering almost the entire public transport network in Sweden for years. Numerous ATRON customers in Sweden also use this application. The therein contained QR code-based tickets could not be read, checked or evaluated electronically. The aim of the cooperation is to realize this function in the ATRON AFR 4.2 vehicle computer with the installed optical reader.

On time for this year's UITP Global Public Transport Summit in June in Stockholm, the first prototype was completed and presented to a broad public. These days ATRON and Infospread are presenting the new solution to the first companies in Sweden and hit upon an enormous demand. Within a few months, three offers could already be placed.

Customers and interested parties were impressed how fast the cooperation between the two companies is progressing and how quickly the two partners have already developed joint solutions. If requested, the newly developed solution can also be offered in ATRON ACT 420 Validators.Therefore first advance talks are already running. ATRON consolidates its market position in Sweden and continues the success story in Scandinavia.

The ATRON Group
ATRON has been working for 40 years with integrated, open and scalable system solutions and the digitization of business processes. In the area of public transport, our aim is to increase the efficiency for the public transport companies and the comfort for the passengers in order to transport as many people as possible door-to-door in a climate-friendly way. A changing society is constantly presenting us with new and exciting challenges, which we gladly accept. That's why we work day by day on intelligent solutions for cities and regions. ATRON wants to actively contribute to obtain the world liveable for future generations. Headquarter of the ATRON Group is Markt Schwaben, with branches in Dortmund and Leipzig as well as in Bronschhofen (Switzerland), Linköping (Sweden) and Zagreb (Croatia).

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